Vegetable Garden


How we Work

We work on a bespoke / tailored for you basis. 

Our goal is to provide you long-term tools so you can move forward on your own

confident in your new food understanding and capacity to make informed choices. 

We don't want anyone relying on us forever because that would mean we haven't achieved what we set out to do.

There is NO ONE diet that is right for everyone therefore, we focus on understanding each client's needs:

  •  Identifying and clarifying to goals to come up with a realistic and sustainable approach

on how they can tackle food on a daily basis without fear or anxiety.

  • We base those recommendations on what you like to eat, the rhythm of your everyday life,

your desire to develop kitchen skills or strategies to do without the kitchen altogether or how to eat out smarter.

  • We help people expand the variety of food they like and enrich their flavour vocabulary to create a stronger food foundation.

  • If you have certain conditions, we work with your medical providers and doctors

to ensure your eating plan fully supports your medical plan. 

  • We work on supporting you with scientific education and psychological support

to come up with a plan that works for you and your family that you can effortlessly sustain in the long term. 

Our delivery of services range from:

  1. Single analysis sessions with phone/video calls

  2. Video call coaching sessions scheduled in blocks of 3-4

  3. Bespoke kitchen tutorials

  4. Comprehensive analysis of family needs and a bespoke plan