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GutysGood.London (Manila - London) 


Our founder, Jill Mendoza, is a psychologist by education and a London trained professional chef.  As a child, she had to cope with severe allergies that would send her into anaphylactic shock. As an adult, she was diagnosed with coeliac disease,  clinical depression and anxiety.

In an effort to contribute to her healing, her forays into medical journals revealed the connection between intestinal/autoimmune diseases with mental health, jumpstarting her on the path of corrective nutrition.

Eventually, she discovered cutting edge research on the immune system, the microbiome and how both affected our genetic makeup through the most primal tool: FOOD.


It is strange that we never make the connection between what is happening to our bodies to the quality of the fuel or food we provide it.

Helping people eat better and providing them the tools to independently make intelligent food choices is our mission and passion. 

After all, life is too short to eat shit food and no one should have to suffer for it.