A passion for food and the psychology that drives it

I am both a psychologist and a trained chef. The former was my education when I was entertaining thoughts

of following my grandfather's path as a surgeon before it was abandoned. 

The latter I became after being disenchanted with my corporate career.  

I suffered from anaphylactic allergies as a child and as an adult, was diagnosed with coeliac disease.  

I am also recently recovered from clinical depression and anxiety disorder

after nearly 20 years of therapy and medication rounds.

All of those played a part in getting me to where I am now. 

I consider it a unique meeting of the stars that my medical studies, my personal health, 

my life's work and my life's adventures have come to all this -

an opportunity to do something personally meaningful, joyful and of service to others.

Unfortunately, food choices are no longer just about nourishing your body.

Harmful media, randomly applied and manipulated bits of information,

has led many to a dangerous pathway of unwarranted restriction, disordered eating and warped food beliefs. 

My sincere hope is that I can help you find a measure of joy and comfort in delicious, nourishing food,

without that exhausting baggage.

If you are one of those able to eat, not just to survive,

I wish for you the gift of recognising how lucky you are.

For everyone else seeking to come to terms with the gift of food, we are here.  

Together we will find the food way that is right for you.


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