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Gluten-free becomes delicious and nutritious

My early diagnosis of coeliac disease came at a time when gluten free food was very limited in London and what was available then was as delicious as sawdust.

I created these recipes because I wanted delicious gluten free food for myself. However as I delved deeper into the technical issues with gluten free baking, I discovered that one of the pitfalls of gluten free baking is that essentially, one is eating nothing more than pure starches. I thought, it had to be better than that. 

Today, GutsyGood specialises in dietetic baking which is, creating baked goods for specific dietary needs. We do extensive research on dietary needs such as coeliac disease, diabetes, vegan, low carbohydrate. We take note of what each group needs nutritionally and we have formulated each recipe with a focus on nutrition and health. 

Here are the important elements of our baked goods so you understand the nutrition journey we took to developing them.

Flouring Hands


Resistant starch is a kind of carbohydrate that resists being digested so instead of being broken down, it simply heads to the lower intestine where it becomes fibre for the body.

Resistant starch is a prebiotic - i.e. food for your good bacteria that is responsible for extracting nutrition from the food you eat, boosting your immune health and get this, managing weight because you don't absorb any or most of the calories from indigestible resistant starch.

A sample of medical research on resistant starch:

"there is strong evidence demonstrating that RS lowers whole body and visceral adiposity (meaning fat in muscles as well as the body cavity). The magnitude of these changes in adiposity are very large and sufficient to independently improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce the risk of diabetes, CVD, and certain cancers."




Additional ingredients to amplify nutrition in our breads: seeds, nuts, spices, dried fruit, blackstrap molasses

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