Gluten Free Toast.jpeg

Regular Gluten Free

A superb gluten free bread for delicious everyday eating. Made from our unique resistant starch bread, full of fibre and superb for your microbiome and immune system.

App: 10X6x5 in; 950 grams

Good for 12-14 portions

Plain P500

Multiseed / Cinnamon Raisin P600


Gluten Free Vegan

A delicious vegan everyday bread full of heart healthy, protein and OMEGA 3 rich flaxseed, chia, pumpkin and squash seeds. Based on our blend of resistant starch flours.

Plain P600

Multiseed / Cinnamon Raisin P700


Diabetes Friendly

Delicious gluten free bread for diabetics and pre-diabetics. It is made with low glycemic index flours blackstrap molasses and oat bran for glucose management and heart health improvement.

App: 10X6x5 in; 950 grams

Good for 12-14 portions

Plain White Sandwich P750

Brown Sandwich P850

Multiseed / Cinnamon Raisin P950


Special Treats

Our line of gluten free breads for seasonal special treats. 

Currently we have loaves packed with Omega 3 rich seeds and nuts. An excellent source of B-Complex vitamins, polyphenolic flavonoid antioxidants and a full range of vitamins and minerals 

Raisin, seed and nuts P1300

All seed and nuts P1500