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GutysGood.London (Manila - London) 


Let's have a chat on learning to eat better. 


A good diet can do more than anything else to improve your quality of life and it all begins and ends with your genetic map.

Our genetic map is our body's basic framework. Once you understand how you are made up, you will understand the rules on how your food choices supports or negates your body physiology.

Eating according to your individual genetic map results in a lot of benefits: depend less on medications, heal from chronic pain, improve mood, develop stronger joints and smoother skin, experience fewer infections, recover from disease and experience physical rejuvenation even in advanced age.

Our goal is to teach people individual sustainability - providing you tools so you can make intelligent food choices on your own.

We advocate against calorie-counting, meaningless obsession with weight loss, cutting out of food groups and food myths unfounded on science.

We focus on teaching people how to maximise their nutrition using local, natural, whole foods using simple cooking techniques to maximise flavour and nutrient density. 

We basically bust all the food myths that have resulted in disordered eating, obesity and illness.

Email us and let's have a chat on how we can help you.