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GutysGood.London (Manila - London) 

Personal health and beauty

An individualised nutrition plan that will boost your fitness and overall physical health.

Food affects each of us differently and understanding your genetic map will provide the guide as to what foods are best for your genetic makeup.

Better health means clear skin, good hair growth, better physical proportions and better emotional/behavioural management.



  • VITAL genetic testing 

  • Nutrition coaching sessions addressing your goals

  • Menus that you can prepare 

  • No calorie counting, no deprivation

  • Education and strategies to implement your eating plan in your daily living, from daily meals to eating out



specialist nutrition


For those affected with chronic diseases, planning a family or practitioners of sport.

We create a bespoke nutrition plan addressing genetic risks for diseases, sports performance and response to medication.

We help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's and others, leading to less dependence on medication and reversal in some cases.

Starts at P50,000

family nutrition

A specialised nutrition plan taking into consideration the needs of the entire family.

Using your genetic map, we will help you gain understanding on your inherited risks and create a nutrition plan to ensure the total health of all your family members. 


  • Health & Disease or Premium Plan genetic testing 

  • Bespoke menus considering all the family members' likes and dislikes and genetic maps

  • Kitchen training sessions

  • Strategies for daily meals and eating out 

Starts at P80,000


  • Family planning or Health & Disease  genetic testing 

  • Specialised nutrition coaching to enhance sports performance, nutrition support for chronic illnesses or improved fertility