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Your life is worth so much more than whatever food fear you've been taught.....

Updated: May 2

I decided to start adding my voice to the NO TO DIETING movement when someone told me "I'm inflamed because I've been eating so much shit". The person had zero medical background and yet, here he was, using language that doctors only use after a battery of serious tests. Doctors are incredibly careful about mentioning the word "inflammation" to seriously ill patients yet here was someone, with zero medical studies, ascribing what is essentially a serious physical disorder, to themselves casually, listing the things they "notice" happen like "my eyes are itchy, my tummy hurts, I'm bloated and can't concentrate" = my system is inflamed when they eat "shit", shit being defined as "carbs/sugar/dairy/eggs/soy/someone's ass I ate last night".

This may just be an argument about the world losing sight of nuance, a world beginning to evolve into some dystopia where people can no longer distinguish the difference between a spark and an inferno. The evolution of "cancel culture" where everything is about extreme poles and a refusal to look at how the real world actually exists along a spectrum of grays, rather than strict black and white.

Food today is about as zeitgeisty as they come. The proliferation of online certificate courses taken in 30 minutes allows anyone to call themselves "nutritionist". Too many people are too willing to digest the minutest bit of information without checking if they are true and are quick to create beliefs around them as the hill they will die on.

Yet as a psychologist, I understand that food is nothing more than an entryway into the deeper motivations and emotional drivers of people. Food beliefs are a symbol of personal beliefs and longings. If food was really just about information and nutrition, we would have eradicated many illnesses a long time ago and yet, both obesity and undernutrition continues to rise to unprecedented levels.

I also recognise that how we eat and the food we choose to eat is a topic that triggers strong emotional reactions. Commenting on what people choose to eat is volunteering to walk into a field riddled with hidden landmines. So I thought, I'd devote time helping people delve into their own food motivations and stripping apart the layers of the emotional drivers of why they choose to eat the way they do.

It is never about "you are what you eat". It is about "what's eating you".

My hope is that, as people, develop a better understanding of the triggers around their food beliefs, that they can begin to remove the dangerous and deeply unsatisfying restrictions they've placed on themselves. That they can begin to remove the fake associations a rapacious media has imprinted on them with labels such as "clean eating" (implying they are good people because they eat "clean" therefore "bad eaters" are "bad people") or "bad food" (meaning animal protein for vegans/carbs for the "keto crowd"/anything not fruit to fruitarians). Are those things beginning to ring a bell for you?

I want people to come to terms with themselves, at least, look at the emotional triggers driving their decisions to take up questionable eating habits that over the long term deliver harm masked by "well-being".

Along the way, I will publish some of the ground breaking work on food and nutrition that will challenge the way you think and the messages you've accepted as "truth".

There is only one thing I am a proponent of: that eating must be simple and joyful. Life is just too short for anything else.

"Your life is worth so much more than whatever body part it is you are so furiously fighting" (Joanna Batala)

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